Meadowland Exhibition at Masham 2

The work for this exhibition was inspired by memories of walks in the Yorkshire countryside, through fields of flowers, butterflies & moths. There is something very uplifting about seeing wildflowers scattered across a meadow. I wanted to capture the riot of colours & shapes that are found through my embroidery art. Each piece is sewn by hand & I hope I've managed to convey the joy flowers give me.

The embroideries were created during the first lockdown in the UK in 2020, and what was going to be a real life exhibition became an online exhibition. The gallery had lots of messages during this time (mainly from NHS & key workers) to say how important seeing art & beautiful things had been during a really difficult time for them.

Happily the exhibition happened in real life this year at Masham Gallery in the beautiful town of Masham in North Yorkshire.

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